The story

Our roots

The Speziale family cultivated the vine in Crispiano in the Cacciagualani district since 1885. Important note, the Speziale family originally from Martina Franca, had to emigrate to escape the repressive sanfedista wrath. He took refuge in the caves of the Vallone. From here together with other families he founded the village of Crispiano.

Already at the time of Magna Graecia, they came to vacation in our parts, some even permanently, wealthy families attracted by the wholesomeness of the air and the mild climate. These last characteristics together with the exceptional structure of the land make the land suitable for the cultivation of the vine.

Hence the idea of Speziale Massimo, winemaker, at the end of his course of studies with the diploma of enotechnic obtained at the “Basile Caramia” Agricultural Technological Institute of Locorotondo, to realize directly in the district Cacciagualani the winery for the transformation of grapes l refinement of wine and its bottling.

Our philosophy of work in the vineyard

Particular care is given to the vineyard, in order to have, through low yields of the grapes, a high concentration that allows us to produce structured wines, of body and very long-lived.

It is our belief that viticulture practiced in a serious and correct way must respect the natural balance of both the soil and the environment. For this reason we practice organic farming.

The traditional diseases affecting the vine are fought with the help of products based on copper and sulfur. The treatments are minimized and carried out only if necessary.

Our philosophy of work in the cellar

In the cellar we reject the use of any added substance or chemical-physical manipulation that alters the natural characteristics of the grapes, the wines are not clarified or stabilized with chemical-physical procedures, their clarification occurs through decanting. Bottling takes place only with the aid of filtration.

We do not own or use vacuum concentrators or reverse osmosis devices. The only concentration we have is the thinning of the bunches in the vineyard. In other words, the only ingredient of our wine is grapes, with only the use of sulfur dioxide but in minimal quantities.

This because? Because if you work well in the vineyard all year round, the grapes arrive in the cellar at the right level of ripeness and healthy and therefore do not need any covering or masking of defects.